Bolton Castle

Lying in Wensleydale Bolton Castle started to be built in 1379 by Sir Richard Scope who was granted permission to crenellate by King Richard the 2nd. The castle took over 20 years to build and no expense was spared having private apartments that were of the very highest standard.
Sir William Scope in 1398 was appointed the Treasurer of England under King Richard the 2nd, one year later the king was deposed and then later murdered and Sir William Scope was then beheaded without trial. In 1405 another member of the Scope family (from nearby Masham was also executed for his involvement in an armed uprising against the then King Henry the 4th. 10 Years later another member of the Scope family Lord Henry met a similar fate too, he was dismembered, his head taken to York to go on "display" on the gate at Micklegate, his crime? He was involved in a revolt against the current King, Henry the 5th, it was intended as a warning to anyone else that traitors would most likely get the same punishment!
In the year of 1568 Bolton castle was used to hold Mary Queen of Scots, although not exactly a prisoner (her entourage numbered 51 people while at the castle) she was held there for close to a year before she was then sent onto Tutbury in Staffordshire where she was to be held there for 18 years before she was executed.
During the Civil War (1642-45) the Castle was under siege, it was not until all the horses had been eaten that the Castle had to surrender as they were all starving, the Castle then was "slighted" like so many others were too at the end of the war. although a lot of damage was done, with complete walls knocked down, parts remained untouched and are still here standing today.
In 1646 John Scope the owner of Bolton Castle died at the age of 23 from the Plague. It was then, that the Castle left the hands of the Scope family, as the only heir was his Sister Mary, she married into the Powlett family, and ever since, up until the present day, Bolton Castle has remained with the Powlett family, and is still a privately owned Castle.
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