Ferrybridge Church

The Church was built around 1030 about a mile from its current location, then it was known as St Andrews church of Ferry Fryston, the place it was actually built on was known as Water Fryston and true to its name was a very wet area, so much so that the church in later years flooded quite badly and eventually it was decided to move the church to its current location in Ferrybridge in the early 1950s. This would be a massive job even today, where we have so much more lifting equipment, so most of it must have done by hand and a crane, the cost of the move was £10,000, which must have been a high price to pay over 60 years ago. I have included in my photos an old photo of how the church looked in its old location when in flood, one of my photos also shows the flood line of 1866 carved into the stone of the doorway. Note that the door and porch have been put on the opposite side from where it originally had been, if the door had remained as it was, it would have been at the back in its present site on Pontefract Road.