Ledston Hall

The first building on the site of the Hall was originally a Chapel built by the monks from Pontefract Priory, reputed to have been built in the 12 Century. The Hall as we know it today was built over a period of time in the 16th and 17th Century. The then landscaped gardens and terraces were added over a period of time but now these have been changed to make maintenance more viable. In the 16th Century a maid at the Hall called Mary Pannell made a potion for the ill son of the house, she was later accused of witchcraft because the potion mixed to rub on the boys body was mistakenly given to the young boy to drink, by the boys Mother, this proved fatal to her son and Mary was sent to York on trial for witchcraft, she was found guilty and brought back to the area where she was burned to death on a nearby hill still known today as Mary Pannell Hill where her ghost is reputed to have been seen in more recent times. Lady Elizabeth Hastings of Ledston Hall