Middleham Castle

Replacing an earlier wooden building the present stone castle was built some 500 yards away, although not having as good a position, being in a slightly lower area, they must have thought making some of the walls as thick as 12 feet it wouldnt really matter!
The Castle was built in the 1170s by the Fitzranulph family.
In 1461 Richard , Duke of Gloucester (later to be crowned King Richard the III) was sent to live there, he was only 9 years old and was sent to live with his cousin Richard Neville, Earl of Warick (also known as the "Kingmaker") here young Richard was to learn and study.
10 years after his arrival he received the Lordship of Middleham, one year later he was to marry Lady Anne Neville and continued to live in the Castle, known as the (unofficial) Lord of the North he spent his time keeping the North of England calm and peaceful as it was a troublesome area. He was well respected for his fairness and a trusted man in the area, he established 2 colleges too in this part of England. Richards son Edward, Prince of Wales was born here reportedly in the Round Tower, he was to die within 12 months of his investiture aged 12, his tomb lies in the church at Sheriff Hutton (although its not known if his body is actually there) the church is close to Sheriff Hutton Castle also owned by Richard.
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