St Stephens Church Fylingdales

St Stephens is a fascinating church sitting high above Robin Hoods Bay on the East coast. It was rebuilt in 1821 and I cant find any record of when it was first built but gravestones do go back to the early 1700s, The church was replaced in 1870 by the "new" St Stephens which was built in Robin Hoods Bay itself. The interior although not unique features boxed in pews which are in very good condition and have been well looked after over the years, the church also features a triple decked Pulpit. In a locked (but windowed area) at one end of the church are some very rare original Maidens Garlands which were part of a Maidens funeral, made from hoops and ribbons (last photo). The last funeral to take place using the garlands was in 1859. The church is owned and cared for by the Churches Conservation Trust and is open for viewing at selected times.